Reviews of Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Wanted to comment on the excellent service we received from your team (Brandin, Chase and assistant) on the 29th. Brandin came out the night before and did an evaluation on the existing unit and we sat down and he answered all our questions. The price was terrific and the installation was flawless. It was fast and efficient. Makes you feel confident in the work and unit they installed. This has to be one of the best experiences we have had with major installations. We have two other AC (large) units that cost us way more than we expected and have already replaced one unit. I wish now that we did some comparison shopping and contacted you first. We will in the future. My regards and recommendations to this finecrew.


Derek Bode

I've been using Seasons for 20 years plus and the level of service continues to be outstanding. My compressor failed on the 4th at night, I called Seasons at 8 am on the 5th and by 4pm I had a brand new compressor humming away cooling off my little castle. They honored their warranty ,no questions asked, A follow up call from the manager confirmed the work was to my satisfaction, Awesome service every time.

Thank you.

Thomas Ritter

In May 2016 it became apparent that my AC system was unable to keep the house cooled to the desired set point. I observed what appeared to be frost forming on one of the lines from the house to the external unit.

After some research I found Seasons AC, read reviews, did some investigating, and made the informed decision to call and inquire about their summer special for a 21 point inspection. After a delightful and in depth technical discussion over the phone, I was confident that Seasons AC would likely be a good choice.

Drew arrived at our home on time and got to work. The first inspection point confirmed that the system coolant level and pressure was dangerously low. Further investigation revealed that the evaporator cools were badly corroded and determined to be the source of the leak. Drew did an excellent job explaining to me exactly what was happening with my system and what my options were. I was impressed by his technical knowledge and ability to explain technical information in an easy to understand manner.

Once we had a plan to service the equipment, we came to the price. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of in-house financing, but Drew and team worked out a fair compromise that allowed me to have the work done immediately. This was huge for me as our home warranty company expected us to wait 7-10 days in the Texas heat just for someone to come out and inspect!

With commercial terms agreed, Drew and team set to work diligently replacing the coils, coolant, and associated parts. This was also done in a torrential rain that started just before they began. The replacement was successful and Drew setup time the following week to come back and finish the initial inspection, which yielded no other issues with my system.

I was thoroughly impressed with Seasons AC and will continue to do business with them. I would also feel comfortable recommending them to anyone that needs work done on their HVAC system.

Dear Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating:

On Thursday, August 12, 2010, my husband was released from Methodist Hospital after a one month   stay. Upon arrival home in the afternoon I discovered the air conditioning was not cooling and called your company, By 5:00 p.m. John Chapman arrived and located a compressor for replacement. Also, he helped my husband who had sat down on the step into the utility room from the attached garage as we returned home,

Not only did John work diligently under most unusual circumstances (compressor located on side of house with no lighting) he stayed until about 2:00 a.m. Friday morning so as not to leave us in the sweltering heat. I would have insisted that he go home and return the next day if I could have gotten my husband in car to go to a hotel and get him out after arrival. John has made several service calls for me and I have been impressed, but this was "beyond the call of duty."I value him as a true "service" guy, a very rare thing in this day.


Doris Gainer

Houston 77035

I wanted to tell you how VERY MUCH I appreciated Marc Muniz this week. Over the past two weeks I had already dealt with A/C technicians from two other companies. The first one was obviously sleazy and not to be trusted. The second one appeared to be very respectable and competent, but he seemed interested only in selling me an entirely new system for upwards of $7K. That's when I called your company.

Marc arrived promptly and within minutes identified the source of our Freon leak and agreed that it could be repaired. There was no need to replace the compressor, much less the entire system. He went to some effort to find and get a suitable replacement part, since the manufacturer no longer stocks that part, and he got it installed, charged and operating quickly. Throughout the entire process he kept me informed of what was needed and how the work was progressing, and he saved me literally thousands of dollars. For the first time in my 55 years, I was not suspicious of the A/C guy. Because of him, Seasons Air will be the company I always call from now on, and I won't hesitate to tell my friends.

Robert (Tomball, TX)

Yewki Tomita - World-Class Professional Gymnast

Yewki Tomita is a world-class professional gymnast with more than five first-place individual and team wins in national and international gymnastic competitions. And Tomita suffers from a wide variety of allergies. Like many professional athletes, Tomita began practicing a wholesome lifestyle including a healthy diet and regimented exercise program at an early age. Living and training in Arizona and Colorado, air quality was never a concern to him, so Tomita's allergies were treated as more of an annoyance than a health issue. That was until he went to compete at the Beijing World Championships. Beijing was a very difficult experience for me, Tomita expressed. I got sick, very sick, over there, mostly in part to the poor air quality.

Upon his return, Tomita sought out an air purification system that would minimize his exposure to airborne particulates, run quietly while he slept, and be portable enough to meet his travel needs. After online research and recommendations from his directors at the Olympic Training Center, Tomita identified the HealthPro Plus as the best filtration system on the market. "My experience with the HealthPro Plus has been amazing", said Tomita. "More than anything, the unit helps with sleep, and sleep is crucial to any athlete's well-being." The pure air emitted from the HealthPro Plus has provided additional benefits for Tomita, and he offers this testimonial, After using the unit, my performance has improved marketability.

May 14,2010

After calling several ac businesses about a broken ac, Seasons sent Steve for an Estimate of the problem. He saved me the cost of an expensive system replacement by expert repairs and good advice. I will certainly call Seasons in the future and ask for steve in particular.I will recommend Seasons Air Conditioning to anyone needing HVAC work .

Sincerely John E. Martling

Houston, Texas


I just want to express my gratitude on the professionalism and customer satisfaction provided by Seasons and in particular Paul McCoy and his crew for the outstanding job that they did in reinstalling my A/C and Heating unit. The initial installation was a terrible experience. When the crew finished the job, I encountered a combination of air and water leaks with the unit. They were given a second chance to fix the problem, but to no avail. Paul McCoy came to my residence to inspect the job and determined that it was not an installation that met Seasons? quality standards. Well, a few days later Paul and his crew arrived at my house and reinstalled the unit. Everything was perfect. I could not find any leaks, nor did I have to clean up anything because they had placed tarps on the floors leading up to the attic.

  My expectations on the last call were not very high, but to my surprise, I received a professional and outstanding installation.

Thank you.

The Rodriguez Family

Mere words can not express the gratitude I feel for the work performed by Seasons A/C. They arrived earlier than expected. Explained that the compressor was out in my A/C and left to get the part. When they returned to my surprise they had a whole new unit! They could not find the part and were told by their "boss" to replace the whole unit for the price of the compressor. I don't know his name but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I could not afford the new unit. You were a God send to me that day. I can assure you that I will continue to pay it forward! I am sure that due to your kindness that God will bless you greatly. I have told numerous people this story and have passed on your name and will continue to.

May God always bless and shine his face on you and your company!

Veronyka Kiss from Conroe, TX

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the GREAT service Steve Gutterud and his trainee Mike did in repairing my AC unit. Steve was patient and made sure to explain what the problem was and the recommended resolution. He wasn't pushy at all in trying to sell me something I didn't need. I know who to call when I have problems in the future. I will also be recommending Seasons to all my friends and family.


Hockley, Texas

I recently had the "pleasure" of having my heating system diagnosed and the problem remedied by your technician Marc Muniz. "Pleasure" is not normally a word that I would associate with such a service, but it is appropriate in this case.

Before I called Seasons, I had John Moore send a technician to my house to diagnose the same problem. After some time in my attic, the John Moore technician informed me that I needed a new circuit board and inducer fan motor. For a small sum of $1,463.89 which included a $246 trip charge and fuel, he could "possibly" coax my furnace back into working order.

I am so glad that I asked Seasons to give me a second opinion. Marc was extremely courteous and took the time to do a full check out of the system; actually trouble shooting from the wiring schematic. He traced each path of the system, methodically eliminating each safety system, control and relay as a possible problem. After doing a simple reset on a high temperature safety switch the furnace kicked on upon demand, but only ran for a few moments before shutting down. Within a few more minutes, Marc found that he evaporator coil was dirty which caused the system to overheat. Also, he found that a previous technician had removed a jumper wire that controls the operation of the main blower fan.

What a relief! With a reset safety switch, a cleaned evaporator and a reconnected wire I had heat back in my house for literally one tenth of the cost that the other company was going to charge for not fixing the real problem.

I cannot recommend Seasons and in particular, Marc Muniz enough. I will relate my recent experience to all who will listen.

Thank you for sending a thorough and honest representative of your company to service my home. Do not hesitate to use my contact information for references.

Best of luck to your company in the future. Seasons and Marc are now on my quick dial list.

Allen Bollinger

Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you and your crew so much for the work that you recently did on my in-laws home, in order to bring their current HVAC unit up to normal operating standards. The whole family and I can feel the considerable difference in how the AC was before; and how it is performing now, great! Your crew went above and beyond in getting the job done professionally and correct, even though it took much longer than originally anticipated, and it looks like they added parts where they saw a need for without complaints or charge. We all appreciate the job that was done and hope that we will continue to have the professionals at Seasons Air as our AC company for life!

Joe Eckels, REALTOR

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks for the long effort Mr. Villatoro and his crew spent getting our new air conditioning system installed and up and running. They spent the entire day (Saturday) at our home installing the system and did not leave until after 11pm. Their perseverance in completing the job on a Saturday was greatly appreciated. We are extremely pleased with the new Amana system and would be more than happy to recommend Mr. Villatoro to any of our neighbors that might need service. Thanks again!!

Rick Blake

Dear Seasons - Trace!!

Somehow this simple thank you card just does not adequately express our gratitude for the recent service that Trace recently completed in our home. He did an awesome job with our IQAir 16- it is now installed properly and with great care! Thank you so much, your company is wonderful! We are looking forward to your servicing of our HVAC system going forward and we will not hesitate to refer you to others for their HVAC needs! Please send Trace! He is a very kind, and professional at what he does. Thank you Trace! Thank you Seasons!

Rick & Julie Mechcom

Thank you for going the extra mile and providing certification on our a/c. It helped close the sale! Thanks again!

Tim Farrell

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