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Why Can't I Get The Humidity Down In My Home?

In the Houston area, summers are well-known for two things: extreme heat and extreme humidity. Many of us know that our air conditioners work like a dehumidifier, not just removing the heat but also reducing the humidity level in our homes. But what if your AC is running and you still can’t get the humidity down in your home?


Why Is My Light Bill So High?

As we head into summer, nearly every Texan is anxiously dreading the quick and drastic rise in their electric bill. When the heat heads into the 90s and above, your air conditioner will be working overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Most of us think that means outrageous energy bills are unavoidable -- and to some extent, a higher electric bill in the summer is inevitable. But should your electric bill be THAT high? The answer is probably “no.”


When Is The Best Time To Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced?

Spring in Atascocita, Texas, can be a fickle friend, with weather ranging from cold and rainy to mild and overcast to hot and sunny. When the weather is nice, your air conditioner may not be showing signs of any issues -- but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Waiting until the temperatures are in the 90s to discover an AC problem can leave you wishing you’d had your air conditioning serviced when the weather was still bearable.


Why Is My House So Dusty?

Dusting is one of the least favorite chores of many people. It can be especially frustrating when you spend an afternoon ridding your house of dust only to have every surface finely coated in it again just a few days later.


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